Solar Electrical Projects

Solar energy can be utilized to generate electricity using solar panels and solar cells. This solar power is one of the major sources of renewable energy or green energy on earth. Since solar power has many applications in various fields of technology and every day-to-day activities, Solar projects have a great significance in the Engineering education.

• Site development services (soil investigations, contour mapping, grading and land levelling.
• Energy estimation for 25 years and optimization modelling to increase plant yield.
• Detailed design & engineering of PV plant & evacuation systems
• Project risk assessment, planning and scheduling.
• Local and global procurement capability of PV plant & evacuation system.
• Construction management (civil/mechanical/electrical).
• Quality control assurance at every stage of project execution.
• Liaison support for prompt clearances from state Govt/Discoms/Local authorities
• Comprehensive O&M service